Ultimate Guide to CPG Sales

Consumer packaged goods brand leaders are under intense pressure to overcome enormous challenges. What was once one of the top industries for investors has now dropped significantly. “The household-products area, for example, has dropped from the sixth most profit generating industry at the start of the century to the tenth, measured by economic profit.” [McKinsey & Company]. Increased competition among CPG brands coupled with rising materials costs is putting the squeeze on margins. Looking for winning products, retailers are changing the rules. To make matters worse, in an effort to reduce costs, many brands are freezing marketing budgets.

Consumers are struggling, too. The exponential growth in choice for every purchase has become overwhelming and stressful.

Fortunately, there is hope and opportunity in these changing times. We’ve pulled together research from a variety of data sources to provide a roadmap for CPG brand leaders.

The Ultimate Guide to Grow CPG Sales includes educational content about sub-brands, including fighter brands, multi-brands, or individual brands. We’ll teach CPG brand leaders new strategies to create differentiation for sub-brands, create meaningful connections with consumers, and help their brand stand out on the retail shelf.

CPG marketers and other brand leaders need to overcome the challenges of the shrinking budget and the disenfranchised audience. Check out the eBook for actionable strategies. For example, how to use your internal team to build social influence, which marketing programs are gaining steam and what’s fizzing out, and how to increase sales by 25% by activating “passive” fans.

If you play any part in your brand’s packaging decisions, you’ll be happy to learn more about how to stand out on the retail shelf. Our five tips will help you kick-off your next project or re-evaluate your current product mix.

Consumers who feel overwhelmed with The Paradox of Choice [Schwartz] will be able to connect with brands who create differentiation. After reviewing the challenges of endless choice, we’ll help you build your connection with consumers through our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Grow CPG Sales. Download your copy today.